Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Welcome to my new blog. I have considered doing this off and on for a year or two. Finally made the decision because I realized that I have a lot of things to explore, experiment with, and comment on.

The topics that I would like comment on are really about the intersection of Linux Security and Data Science.(Hence the name of this blog.) Its an exciting time because a lot of the analytic tools are really powerful, simple, and give better insights. Another thing that makes security research interesting is the promise of AI and Deep Learning algorithms to shed light on mountains of data that were incomprehensible. Sometimes doing these experiments and research requires some setting up to get ready. All of these topics will be covered regularly.

For those who aren't familiar with my work, I work on the Linux Audit project which is a realtime security event system. I also have created a library to make using capabilities simpler. I started the openscap project and have now bowed out - its in good hands. I have also worked in committees helping to create some of the security standards in place today. I also do security research and code reviews looking for problems. All of these topics are fair game as well.

Keeping the first one short because I'd rather get on with real information sooner than later.

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