Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 1 at GTC 2017

This is a review of Day 1 of the Nvidia GTC 2017 Conference. Frankly, there is so much going on in GPU and Deep Learning as it relates to every industry, it's crazy...and its infectious. What I'm doing is looking down the road to the next steps for the audit system. What I'm investigating is how best to analyze the logs. How do you weed out the mundane normal system operation from the things that you had better pay attention to. Oh, and in real time. And at scale.

What I can tell you is I'm amazed at all the AI technology on display here. I took labs and built neural networks for data analysis. I can see the future of security situational awareness all around me but its in pieces needing to be assembled for a single purpose. I don't think I'll go too deep in this blog at what I'm seeing. But in the coming months I will be doing some experiments in applying different kinds of analysis to the audit trail. This will include looking at LSTMs, RNNs, and decision trees. What I'll do in this blog is just show you some posters that were in the main hall. All of these caught my eye for problems I'm currently thinking about.

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