Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Updated Rstudio srpm available

Due to the unexpected update to R 3.4 on Fedora 25 which is incompatible with the version of RStudio that I wrote about in this blog, I have spent the time to create a new srpm with an updated RStudio which runs on the new R 3.4. The release notes are here:

If you had previously built the version I blogged about, that would correspond with the 0.99a release. So, you can see in the release notes what new things have been added since then.

The source  (updated 08/11/2017)

The build process is very similar to the original instructions. Please review them if you are new to building rpms. In essence you download the srpm. Then:

rpm -ivh R-studio-desktop-1.0.146-1.fc25.src.rpm
rpmbuild -bb working/R-studio-desktop/R-studio-desktop.spec

Then install. This assumes you followed the directory layout suggested in an earlier post.

RStudio picked up one new dependency for qt5-qtwebchannel-devel. You may need to install it first.

This version seems to work with R-3.4 and I've had some time to do limited testing. The only issue I see so far is that audit-explorer (which I'm yet to blog about) seems to have a bug that needs fixing.

One note about R have to re-install all of your packages. So, if you have upgraded R and RStudio, you'll need to start running the install.packages("") command in the console portion of RStudio prior to running any programs.


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